Monday, 9 June 2014

Expandable Infra Owner Saahil Peerzaada Establish New Identity

Expandable Infra
Sahil Peerzada

Percussing into his boundless resources of mental strength, strong will, creative approach and a tendency to never give up, Saahil Peerzaada has come a long way. His forays into the real estate sector and oil and gas industry have already put him in the league of top players. His fearless advances have made him an emerging role model and already there are whispers down the corporate corridors that sound more like eulogies.

His innate aptitude for building new ventures and forging loyalty with governments and external business partners has earned him both goodwill and the tag of 'man with a vision'. He is a motivational management style leader with a proven history of building, guiding and retaining high-performance teams to develop and implement strategies for accelerated growth of the companies that he runs.

Saahil Peerzaada understands the importance of astute marketing and the tools involved in its execution - from an updated and informative website to an imaginative logo.

His company, Expandable Infra Pvt. Ltd., has designed a new logo that is unique and comprehensible to potential customers. It even tells you about the man himself. The simplest details, from colour combination to font design, reflect the man's persona and are a peek into his psyche. The use of red signifies Sahil's enthusiasm and interest, his energy, his ability to act, confidence to go after his dreams and fearlessness. Blue is a representation of his ability to be calm and relaxed in counteracting chaos or agitation, his knack of broadening his perspective and reveals his inspirational side, sincerity and spirituality.

The cursive flow of the font tells us his innate ability to surge ahead in life.

Going into the unknown--and that is exactly what Saahil Peerzaada did when he plunged into his business venture--is by definition scary. That fact may be the biggest reason so many do not start anything new. The fear of the unknown keeps them from beginning. Sahil's endeavour revolved around conquering it and not allowing it to take control of his mind and spirit. Bold decisions, dogged perseverance and a fierce attitude proved too good a rival for fear... Unlike many start-ups, Saahil Peerzaada's business did not vanish without trace. It did not crash and burn.

Saahil Peerzaada's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is simple yet deep. "Starting a business is not a twofold affair. You don't have one shot at it. Remember, when Thomas Alva Edison was asked about the multiple failures in his quest to make a light bulb, he answered something like "I have not failed 700 times. I have found 700 different ways not to make a light bulb."

Source : 24-7 Press Release

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  1. Expandable Infra Pvt. Ltd.,Sahil Peerzada designed a new logo that is unique and comprehensible to potential customers