Sunday, 25 May 2014

Expandable Infra joins real estate market in Cyprus

sahil peerzada
Sahil Peerzada

Recognising opportunity for investment in the Real Estate market requires expertise. You need the knack, the aptitude, knowledge of the prevalent market scenario, the fluctuations in pricing and the passion to make it work. But when you want to invest in a country like Cyprus, you need a lot more. You need vision, fortitude and a spirit that defies all odds.
Cyprus is a great Mediterranean nation but it’s hardly a New York or a London when it comes to investment in the real estate business. So to bet here is an interesting affair. Perhaps even a gamble. But if you don’t take risk, you won’t separate yourself from the rest. Saahil Peerzaada led Expandable Infra Pvt. Ltd. is one of the few business entities which has taken a huge plunge into Cyprus’ burgeoning property market and believes it has made the right decision.
Cyprus is recovering from its most difficult year ever for the foreign real estate sector and experts are optimistic that 2014 will be much better.
Interestingly, most overseas property investors in Cyprus come from Asia and the Middle East. Indian energy and real estate consultant and investment company Expandable Infra has strategically made investments in the local real estate sector is the local market, providing critical support and in turn, assuring itself of rich dividends. Sales are expected to accelerate and there is still a large room for growth compared with other industries, such as tourism and the service sector, which may grow by around 5% a year. It is therefore considered to be a smart move by Expandable Infra to pump money in the island nation.
Cyprus, despite all its recent issues, is still the fifth favourite place to reside in, according to the Financial Times. The economy is beginning to recover; the fact that every quarter the economy outperforms the International Monetary Fund predictions is very encouraging indeed and Saahil Peerzaada’s Expandable are in the thick of things.
More opportunistic investors are already looking for investment opportunities on the island, in an attempt to capitalise on the prospects of the natural gas found off the island. Expandable is already engaged in the energy sector, with investments in the AGR Company in Cyprus. The company has huge investments in the Petroleum and drilling services and is involved in consulting capacity in various oil field operations.

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